We’re committed to creating an inclusive culture rooted in our core values that unlocks the power of diversity to deliver the most epic games and entertainment.

How we define D&I: Diversity – all of the ways we are unique, seen and unseen. Inclusion – Everyone feels heard, valued, and a sense of belonging

“It is critically important Blizzard represents the millions of players that make up our communities worldwide--in our games, in our stories, in our characters, and in our global offices. We know diversity leads to growth and innovation, while being inclusive allows players to feel at home in our worlds, and our employees to feel at home at Blizzard. Representation matters, a diverse employee population matters, inclusion matters.”


Today we’re focused on six key dimensions of diversity including Gender, LGBT+, Military/Veterans, Cultures, Differing Abilities, and Generations. In an effort to ensure meaningful initiatives around the world, we tailor our approach based on the needs of each site and region. Within each of these dimensions of diversity, we continue to implement programs and initiatives which foster an inclusive culture where our employees feel heard, valued, and have a sense of belonging. Our Employee Networks provide development & networking opportunities, offer education and awareness to all of Blizzard, and drive change in our local communities. 
We want to create Blizzard environments that accommodate everyone regardless of ability. We seek to empower and educate our current and prospective employees in order to evolve our culture and create epic experiences for all our fans.
Video games are for everyone, regardless of age or experience. Our quest is to foster an inclusive environment that empowers generational diversity.
We aim to promote a culture that celebrates everyone in the Blizzard community, helping them feel valued and included regardless of gender, sexual orientation or gender presentation.
Our goal is to build and empower a community of culturally diverse employees at Blizzard: where everyone belongs, that helps develop Blizzard into a company that better represents our global community, that serves as a reliable resource for cultural awareness, information, and support.
We’re focused on attracting and retaining veterans at Blizzard. Through a combination of social, recruiting and service efforts, we collaborate to ensure veterans are a vital part of our diverse culture. We aim to educate our allies on veteran issues and affairs.
We’re dedicated to promoting a culture of inclusion and belonging for all people who identify as women.
The LGBT+ Network made this event extremely inclusive by reassuring anyone could help, and it was a really rewarding experience. Being relatively new to the company myself, it was wonderful feeling so welcome and having the opportunity to make new friends.” – Tammy, Employee Volunteer
Tammy H., Service Technologies
Being part of the Consumer Products Group means I have the chance to create epic and meaningful Blizzard products for our fans and our Blizzard family. The Blizzard Rainbow pin is one of the great examples when we combined Blizzard's creativity, resources, and passion toward a great cause. I am honored and touched to be part of an effort that is very dear to my heart.
Anna W., Consumer Products
The path from military service to civilian life for me seemed insurmountable, but I was able to take advantage of our Veterans Network partnership with Hiring Our Heroes, Corporate Fellowship Program, which enables service members to work at a civilian company for the last three months of their active duty service. My transition to Blizzard immediately following military service would have been nearly impossible without such a program. 
Tim V., Broadcast Technology