Designers find the joy in our ideas.

​​​​​​​Game designers shape the challenges and tune the weapons that our players run amok with. They make sure that our games delight the mind with interesting interactions between players and AI. It is their mission to construct mechanics that don’t require a manual to understand, keeping in mind that the best games are easy to learn, but difficult to master. 

Designers create fun for everyone, from hardcore competitors to casual weekend gamers. Blizzard designers aren’t just “idea people”—they find elegant and enduring designs everywhere, and implement them effectively with scripting, layout and testing. With world editing software at their fingertips, they iterate until our gameplay and user experiences shine as brightly as any gorgeous environment or stirring soundtrack. 
We’re trying to create an art studio—as opposed to an art production—environment. We have a lot of enriching events and practices to promote the sense of camaraderie and the growth of an art movement.
Ely C., World of Warcraft Art Team
My main goal as an artist is to continue to learn and grow, which is really easy at Blizzard—there are so many amazingly talented people everywhere who are always willing to share tips and lessons about their process.
Ashleigh W., World of Warcraft Art Team