Senior Software Engineer, Platform - Gateway & Online Products Austin, Texas

The & Online Products organization is home to 300+ superpowered engineers, program managers, and designers focused on the technology that powers Blizzard Entertainment’s games. Whether you’re playing one of our titles, chatting with friends, or just shopping online, B&OP ensures that our players are immersed in engaging, exciting, and secure experiences.

This position is focused on the development of secure integration systems that enable users of the Platform to access services and data easily and safely. These products are written in JVM based languages, enforce our security policies, and utilize high-performance networking libraries. In addition to secure service access, we also build common data integration systems to enable our partners to publish data for public and partner consumption.

If writing a scalable, highly secure, highly performant integration platform that enables our games and partners to offer next-generation games and services sounds exciting, this is the team for you!


  • 5+ years of experience with an Object-Oriented language like Java, C#, C++; preferably a JVM based language
  • Understanding of modern network standards like TCP/IP, HTTP, WebSockets, etc.
  • Understanding of general networking security concerns, TLS, OAuth, OWASP, etc.


  • Experience with asynchronous programming methodologies like Futures, Promises, Reactive Programming, etc.
  • Experience with common build systems like Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, etc.
  • Experience with a pub/sub system like RabbitMQ, Oracle MQ, JMS, etc.
  • Experience with common JVM frameworks like Spring, Guava, etc.
  • Experience with high-performance networking libraries like Netty
  • Experience with modern data systems like Kafka, Elastic, Cassandra, Kibana, etc.
  • Experience with basic Cloud technologies like OpenStack, Consul, Vault, Docker, etc.
  • Experience with public cloud technologies from AWS and GCP

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