Senior Content Designer
Unannounced Project Irvine, California

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a talented and passionate Senior Content Designer to architect, guide, and implement content for an unannounced AAA multiplayer project. In this role, you will champion Blizzard’s core value of “Gameplay First” as you provide vision and design insight to cross-discipline team members responsible for implementing in-game events, narrative, content, and encounters.

We are a team of passionate developers that value open-minded collaboration, direct communication and feedback, and the eagerness to grab and drive a feature to Blizzard quality. As a content designer on the team, you will balance your humble and supportive nature with a particularly strong eye for gameplay feel, prioritizing satisfying feedback and intuitive mechanics. By blending your creative vision with your ability to align teams on important goals, you will pitch and refine ideas into simple and targeted executions that are exciting to play.

The ideal candidate will have proven experience designing and scripting content systems, events, and encounters for modern AAA multiplayer titles.


  • Analyze, pitch, prototype, and develop content for an unannounced AAA multiplayer project.
  • Spawn and script creatures to create convincing ambient behavior and interesting combat encounters.
  • Bring together content systems, level design, and IP development to tell compelling ambient stories.
  • Create one-page designs, content briefs, system outlines, and whatever other communication tools are necessary for succinctly and effectively communicating vision.
  • Help act as the bridge between deep satisfying game mechanics and compelling fantasy and world.
  • Define feature requests for proprietary engine tools.
  • Leverage technical experience to implement systems inside proprietary tools.
  • Lead playtest sessions, building a safe and productive environment for constructive feedback.
  • Collaborate with multiple disciplines, ensuring partners are involved and informed throughout development.
  • Provide regular effective feedback across all of your features, and across the project as a whole.
  • Ensure consistency, authenticity, and harmony across features, systems, and development efforts.
  • Remain current on industry trends, including: new game genres, new game design methods and techniques, and trending audio visual excellence.


  • 6+ years of experience shipping AAA multiplayer titles in content or systems design roles.
  • Multiple shipped titles in a senior role with a history of successful features.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate design vision and to align vision with internal partners.
  • Exceptional ability to conceptualize, pitch, and implement game systems/features using various tools, technology, and visual language.
  • Ability to direct, collaborate, and speak critically on gameplay systems, art, and content development.
  • Collaborative and progressive thinker capable of inspiring large teams toward a unified goal
  • Clear understanding of the creative and game development processes
  • Extensive experience with games, including action, FPS, and online titles.
  • A deep passion for and knowledge of Blizzard franchises.
  • Extraordinary self-motivation and initiative.


  • A familiarity with scripting languages and a strong foundation in math.
  • Deep understanding of systems design, player experience, and emerging industry trends.
  • Experience with versatile game development tools such as Unity and Unreal.

Application Materials

  • Resume which must include:
  • A link to your portfolio so that we can see examples of your work.
  • Cover Letter which must include: (Recommended)
    • Why you are interested in joining Blizzard Entertainment
    • Your experience and relationship with Blizzard games
    • What games you are currently playing.

**Only submittals with Cover Letters will be considered.

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