The Birthplace of Blizzard Polish. 

​​​​​​​The concept of ‘Blizzard polish’—the extreme care and loving detail put into every aspect of the games we make—is something we take seriously and pride ourselves on delivering to our players. It’s a responsibility shared across the company, and its heart and soul is Blizzard Entertainment Quality Assurance (QA).  We’re searching for like-minded people with a passion for QA to help us continue to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences for years to come. Fellow heroes: group up and let’s embark on a series of quests to uncover bugs, find defects, and right what is wrong to bring peace to players across the globe! 

The Blizzard localization team is a tight-knit team operating on a global scale, dedicated to translating with Blizzard polish for as many players as possible. We obsess over attention to detail and have exceptional standards for quality, and are looking for like-minded obsessives to join us in ensuring the highest level of quality across the Blizzard multiverse. 

When we think of the term ‘world-class’, lots of teams and groups leap to mind, but Blizzard Customer Service (CS) is at the top of the heap. A global service focused on the player experience, Blizzard CS has won numerous contact center awards and will stop at nothing to provide our players with the best care anywhere. 
It's amazing working with people from so many different backgrounds who are all rallied behind the cause of making the most epic version of the game that we can for our players.
Nikki C., Senior User Researcher, QA
What I like about Blizzard is you have the chance to give back and grow. This has helped me by learning from some of the greatest people in the industry. My experience here has given me a great future in making my way to become a designer.
Nicholas G. -  Associate Test Analyst, QA
Working at Blizzard fills me with pride and excitement, just as walking through the gates of Stormwind did when I was younger. As a Senior Test Analyst, I get to help make sure our players have the smoothest experience possible.
Dakota K. -  Senior Test Analyst, QA