Producers and program managers make Blizzard products the best they can be.
​​​​​​​Producers help align the diverse skill sets of our content creators, and monitor complex efforts that span multiple regions across the globe. A producer’s primary goal is to keep fellow team members free of impediments that could impair their work. Blizzard producers aren’t “in charge”—instead, armed with project management tools, tremendous empathy, and team-wide communication, they’re the life-saving handhold in the hurricane of game development. Producers make sure no stone is left unturned, no checklist is left ignored, no deadline is missed or rushed.

Producers on our game development teams prides themselves on keeping engineers coding, artists drawing, and designers making fun game systems. Anything that gets in the way of other disciplines being able to work is a producer’s job to solve. Producers create the environment that makes our products and services possible, and champion the Blizzard vision to their team so that they never veer off course. Without their guidance and shepherding, the magic doesn’t happen. 

The program and project managers of the Blizzard Technical Organization are the stabilizing force for their respective teams, and are critical across Engineering Systems,, Web & Mobile, IT, Corporate Applications, and much more. Our Tech Org handles a large number of projects and programs that are not tied to individual games, but are shared among all of Blizzard’s games past and future. 
I love working at Blizzard for the amazing artists I get to collaborate with daily to make some of the best games. It's been meaningful to know I've contributed to games where quality in storytelling, representational authenticity, and the art is pinnacle.
Stella K. - Game Producer
It was a dream of mine to work at Blizzard for many years and it continues to be the best working experience of my career. I enjoy being able to make a real impact on my team, learn, and collaborate with so many creative people, all while helping to bring fun to so many.
Jackie H. - Production Director