Blizzard’s French offices are located in the heart of beautiful Versailles, southwest of Paris, in a modern building that has been fully renovated in Blizzard style. Life in Versailles is the perfect compromise between the countryside and big city. Everything is located within walking distance and with four train stations connected to various parts of Paris, you can be anywhere in the metropolis within 30 minutes. Versailles is famous for its superb palace and gardens. It's not only one of the world’s most-visited cities, it’s also a great place to live.

Blizzard France has obtained a gender equality index of 80/100 for the year 2021.
This index is calculated on the basis of five indicators: the pay gap between women and men, the percentage of women and men who have benefited from a salary increase and/or promotion during the year considered, increases during maternity leave, and the mix of women and men in the ten highest salaries.
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One of my favourite things about working for Blizzard is the emphasis on personal development. Learn and Grow is a core value of the company, and we all receive very regular trainings, and are highly encouraged to work on our personal development. Without this encouragement and support, I would never have been able to complete an MBA while working full time.
Anders L.,  Human Resources
I once accidentally scheduled an interview with an external candidate on Halloween, and that day I went to the office dressed as Luigi. For them, it probably was the weirdest interview in their life. For me, it was a Tuesday at Blizzard.
Matteo S., Regional Planning & Support
I love that “Learn and Grow” is one of Blizzard’s core values as learning is essential to thriving in today’s fast paced, ever changing world.  I’m lucky that I get to come to work each day and facilitate employee’s individual development, team and organisational effectiveness.
Caroline K., Talent & Org Development