Storyboard Artist - Temp
Creative Development Irvine, California

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a Storyboard Artist - Temp to join the ranks who understands action-adventure and comedy in conjunction with dynamic cameras, character acting (from broad humor to tender moments) and working in a fun but fast-paced environment. Are you the hero we're looking for?

Job Summary:

  • Create storyboard sequences from rough storyboard panels through delivery of finished storyboard sequences that implement storytelling objectives
  • Ensure that the vision and style of the show is consistently adhered to in executing of action, staging, character acting and camera in storyboard work
  • Should demonstrate proficiency in style of the project
  • Relevant drawing experience necessary
  • Thorough understanding of perspective
  • Timing as well as importing both background images and audio files may be required when using Storyboard Pro
  • The ability to work well within a team structure
  • Ensure that storyboard includes all final dialog, backgrounds, direction, and action by making drawing or text changes in description, dialog or numbering (i.e., naming conventions and storage). Follow proper document management requirements according to the production’s guidelines
  • Professional experience in Photoshop and Storyboard Pro
  • Collaborate with creative department leadership and production to review goals and vision for the storyboards and discuss concerns, timelines and complexity, given the parameters of the schedule
  • Responsible for completing all deliverables on time and according to production schedule while addressing notes from Director and Creative Supervisors
  • Regularly meet with Supervisor, Director, Producer, Storyboard Artists and Storyboard Revisionists to thoroughly review, execute and revise storyboards
  • Pitch storyboards to Supervisor, Director, crew and executives
  • Oversee implementation of Executive Producer, Supervisor and Director’s notes into storyboards
  • Answer questions from Supervisors and Animation Directors during storyboarding and revision process
  • Communicate with Supervisor, Executive producer and line producer as to the status of work progress and any problems that may arise
  • When requested, sit in on script meetings to offer feedback from a storyboarding perspective. Attend and contribute to relevant meetings and pitches as needed
  • You should be able to make revisions to the storyboards after the storyboard artists has completed their pass, regardless if it is a board by another artist.

Such revisions/changes could include the following:

  • Addressing acting, hookups, extra poses, etc.
  • Fleshing out a scene or cleaning up rough panels
  • Ensuring that characters and designs are on model and to proper proportions
  • Re-boarding and re-staging from scratch (if necessary)
  • Conforming boards to animatic
  • Adding screen direction or other details for clarity
  • Adhering to the production schedule provided by Line Producer to ensure shipping deadlines are met. Meet all deadlines as settled by Producer or Production Manager

Basic Qualifications:

  • Advanced knowledge of software and hardware including Cintiq, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, Photoshop or/and willingness to learn other applicable storyboarding software
  • Strong time-management skills and shown ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong in comedy, action, emotional storytelling, and character interaction
  • Strong staging, cinematography and composition skills in regards to drawing as well as software
  • Understanding of subtext in character performance. Portfolio samples should include all characters in a sequence that do not behave the same. Strong drawing skills with a proven sense of storytelling, staging, composition, and character acting
  • Ability to draw characters on model and in a 3-Dimensional setting by providing cleaned-up storyboards with attention to clarity and entertainment value
  • If required, generate multiple views of environment and specific elements within it
  • If tasked, work from directors’ or fellow board artists’ thumbnails to create final boards within assigned deadlines
  • Ensure storyboards align with the creative goals of the leadership team, deadlines and storytelling objectives and style and sensibility of show
  • Provide status updates, troubleshoot, and review potential changes on a regular basis with production staff
  • Pitch thumbnails or rough storyboards to the director and creative department heads
  • Collaborate with the Director and creative department heads to discuss storytelling direction, design requirements, and expected level of polish for each episode
  • Good verbal and written communication skills. Ability to write clear and specific direction on storyboards
  • Demonstrate a proficiency in timing, screen direction, shots hooking up and the language of cinematics

Preferred Education:

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent work experience
  • 3 – 5 years as storyboard and or director preferred. Relevant drawing experience necessary.


  • Resume
  • Portfolio link with board examples (Ideal PDF of boards or full animatic)

Primary Location: United States-CA-Irvine

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