Designers bring our dreams to reality.

​​​​​​​Delivering epic entertainment experiences begins with elegant and intuitive User Experience (UX) and Visual Design. Our designers work closely with game designers, artists, and engineers to conceptualize, design, and iterate across all gameplay features and systems ensuring everything feels cohesive and easy to use from day one. Usability interviews, Web and business intelligence (BI) analytics, multivariate statistics, and data mining are the tricks of the trade they use to help our teams understand what our users are doing and why.
Learn and Grow is my personal favorite core value. This isn’t a gaming value – this is a life value. Learning and growing is not just about leveling up the skills you have to do your job. It means striving continuously to be a better version of you, including areas of leadership, tolerance, patience, and service. To me, this one encapsulates all the other values.
Glenn L., IT-Corp Apps