Did you know that The Hague is one of the most important nerve centers of Europe and home to a number of important organizations that keep the European Union going? A beautiful city with a storied history and a crucial role in modern Europe, The Hague is home to one of our European offices. Located in The Hague’s business district of the Beatrixkwartier, our office is minutes away from The Hague central station and well connected to other public transportation routes. A plethora of great restaurants are within walking distance, and if you crave some after-work relaxation, you’re only 15 minutes away from beautiful Scheveningen beach.
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We’re trying to create an art studio—as opposed to an art production—environment. We have a lot of enriching events and practices to promote the sense of camaraderie and the growth of an art movement.
Ely C., World of Warcraft Art Team
My main goal as an artist is to continue to learn and grow, which is really easy at Blizzard—there are so many amazingly talented people everywhere who are always willing to share tips and lessons about their process.
Ashleigh W., World of Warcraft Art Team