Seoul is the heart of Korea, and the country’s history and culture (along with a variety of educational and artistic activities) are prominent here. Nine subway lines and late-night bus routes keep the entire city connected. Mountains surround the city, and the Han River flows through its middle. Life in a conventional city that’s also close to nature can be truly delightful.
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Welcome to Korea, the esports capital of the world! My team is devoted to bringing epic esports experiences to everyone, from local IGRs (Internet Cafes) to the grandest of championship stages at BlizzCon. In fact, we hold internal employee tournaments here in the Blizzard Seoul office to compete and play together. It’s definitely one of my favorite ways to have fun with my coworkers! Hey esports fans, come out to see more fantastic Blizzard esports matches!
Steve L., Esports
I feel that Game Masters are greatly valued by Blizzard. We are recognized as the first point of contact for our players and we take an incredible amount of pride in helping to resolve any issues they have. It is a big responsibility to represent the player experience internally as well. We’re dedicated to Blizzard’s core values (especially ‘Every Voice Matters’) and to assisting any player in need of help.
Cheongha L., Customer Service
Armed with a Mechanical Engineering degree, I joined Blizzard Seoul in my late 20s. I’ve been a Quality Assurance Analyst and Brand Manager supporting various franchises. Blizzard has an amazing mix of people with diverse backgrounds and talents, and we’re given opportunities to continue to Learn & Grow professionally. This is a place where you can definitely shape a meaningful career suited to your skills and passion!
Yonghun S., Marketing​​​​​​​