It takes artists of all kinds to bring the vision of our games to life.

Artists add color and style to Blizzard characters, environments, cinematics, interfaces, web pages, comics, and more. They embrace the Blizzard style that’s persisted throughout our games—recognizable silhouettes and strong colors that guide players and add clarity and cohesion. They can paint muscle-bound orcs or glittering starscapes without sacrificing usability. Artists work with a variety of tools to make fantasies real and craft inviting worlds that spark the imagination of your peers. The beautiful (or terrifying) art they create ultimately supports and informs gameplay.

Blizzard Sound collaborates with game designers to craft an audio experience that complements the gameplay and utilizes a collective artistic ‘voice’ in furthering a storyline via the medium of sound. The team has an outstanding ability to not only create excellent, original content, but to successfully integrate it into the final product--working with game designers, actors, artists, producers, and programmers to make sure that great concepts make the transition from the microphone to the game on the shelves. We’re looking for talented people who have a strong creative vision and a desire to wield mighty sonic weaponry in their pursuit of audio perfection! 

Our world-class video and post-production (VPP) team is responsible for expanding the lore and storytelling of our games through in-game cinematics and cut scenes, external shorts, and much more. VPP is part of Blizzard’s award winning story and franchise development team. Their mission is to support Blizzard's marketing and communications efforts through the development of epic digital content designed to inform, entertain, and engage Blizzard fans everywhere.
We’re trying to create an art studio—as opposed to an art production—environment. We have a lot of enriching events and practices to promote the sense of camaraderie and the growth of an art movement.
Ely C., World of Warcraft Art Team
My main goal as an artist is to continue to learn and grow, which is really easy at Blizzard—there are so many amazingly talented people everywhere who are always willing to share tips and lessons about their process.
Ashleigh W., World of Warcraft Art Team